As soon as Tre Bugg scored his first touchdown, he was hooked.


When he began playing football at age six, he never imagined what the future held – only a decade later he’d be committed to play Division 1 football and travelling the world competing for the United States National team.


USA football advertises many benefits: elite coaching, top training, competition, safety, character development, and exposure. Alumni include first-overall pick Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston and Los Angeles Rams running back Todd Gurley.


One of the best parts of being on the team was the unified mindset.


“It was great being part of a team where we all knew what we were sacrificing to be there and knowing what we needed to get done,” says Tre.


Last July, the team traveled to play Canada at the IFAF Under-19 World Championship in Harbin, China. Unfortunately, they fell short and lost 24-6.


The loss was especially hard because they weren’t playing for just any team – this team represents their country.


On January 28, 2017 in Orlando, Florida, Team USA got their revenge; they defeated the Canadian national team 26-0 in their first-ever North American Championship.


Tre says that win was incredibly special and his fondest memory from being on the team.


When he wasn’t travelling the world, Tre played cornerback for Williams Field High School in Gilbert, Arizona.


On the field, he was a commander of the defense – fast, aggressive, and threatening. Off the field, he is more mellow and described as responsible, smart, trustworthy, and helpful. In his free time, he enjoys taking things easy and watching television, noting that his favorite movie is Beauty and the Beast.


Similar to Team USA, his high school team had a large impact on Tre.


“We really became a brotherhood. There was nothing too big or too small that we couldn’t accomplish together,” he says.


The Black Hawks proved that statement true last year when they finished with a perfect season.


On November 26, 2016, the team travelled to University of Phoenix Stadium to take on two-time defending state champion Peoria Centennial.


Tre was one of the stars in the game. He returned a fumble recovery 65 yards for a touchdown and caught an interception in the second half.


“I played big when my team needed it most,” Tre says.


At last, Williams Field won their first state championship after defeating Centennial with a score of 14-6.


After his senior season, it was time to focus on deciding where he will spend his college years. The recruitment process followed its usual pattern of being a total rollercoaster.


In January, Tre announced that he will continue representing America through football while playing for the United States Air Force Academy. All in all, it was not a difficult decision to make.


“Air Force can offer me so much more than just football,” Tre says.


The academics are on par with every Ivy League university and – unlike at majority of other schools – he will be paid. On top of everything, he will also have the opportunity to go into the NFL.


Before focusing on post-graduation plans, Tre wants to focus on bettering himself in college.


“I hope to improve myself as a whole,” he said. “I want to be a better man by the time I leave.”


In addition to personal growth, Tre hopes to graduate in four years, play as a freshman, and be named an All-American by junior year.


He knows what it feels like to finish on top – he’s experienced both high school and international success. Now, Tre Bugg is chasing collegiate success.



Tre’s Advice: Focus on working in the dark so you shine in the light. And to dream big and not let anyone bring you down because you’re letting them win.