“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” – Tim Tebow.


Fortunately for the former NFL quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner, he mentors an athlete that possesses undeniable talent and a very strong work ethic.


Jack Miller began playing football in the 3rd grade, but it took time for his passion to explode.


“I didn’t start loving it until about 6th grade when I realized I could be something special,” he says.


And special he is.


At fifteen years old, Jack is already on national radars. Last summer, he attended a camp at Ole Miss and made a fantastic impression. His ability to throw the ball over 50 miles per hour and over 50 yards in distance astonished the coaches.


As an incoming freshman, he already beat out first-round quarterback Deshaun Watson who clocked 49 miles per hour at the 2017 NFL Combine.


Last year, as a freshman for Scottsdale Christian Academy, Jack threw for 3,653 yards and 53 touchdowns and ran for 831 yards and 8 touchdowns. He now holds the national record for number of passing yards and touchdowns for a freshman on varsity.


The year was filled with bountiful success on the field and his future at Scottsdale Christian seemed bright but, before the season ended, a tragedy occurred that would ultimately force Jack to say goodbye to SCA.


On September 30, 2016, his life changed forever.


Fans from all over filled the stadium to see Jack lead his team against Phoenix Bourgade Catholic. Gerard Mauvis, a close family friend of the Miller’s, was in attendance along with his wife and eight-year-old son.


Midway through the first quarter, a loud crash was heard throughout the stadium. Immediately, the game stopped and players took a knee. Jack looked into the stands to locate his family. His father noticed the concern in his eyes.


At halftime, his coaches found out what happened. During the game, Gerard returned to his car to get cash and was struck by another car whilst crossing the street. He died upon impact at 46 years old.


With an entire half to go, SCA coaches decided to protect Jack and not inform him until after the game.


“It was definitely back and forth. My mind was thinking about that, then I’d think about football,” Jack said in an interview with Sports60AZ.


Jack put on a stellar performance in the team’s 49-7 victory. He passed for 389 yards and 6 touchdowns.


When he learned what caused the crashing noise, he was devastated. After going through counseling to try to cope with the loss, Jack decided he needed to transfer.


“I realized I couldn’t play on that field anymore because it was too hard thinking about it,” says Jack.


In January, Jack transferred to local 5A Chaparral High School.


“I’m most excited for a fresh start and new competition,” he says.


The season has yet to start, but he’s already contributing greatly on offense and impressing those around him.


Head coach Thomas Lewis, former NFL wide receiver, went as far to say that Jack has the best deep ball he’s ever seen.


He is a commander of the field: he knows how to take control of the team and lead them with positivity and calmness. His laidback personality off the field shows itself on the field as well. When intense situations arise – like 4th downs – he remains cool and collected.


Even though he was recently named the number one quarterback in the 2020 class, Jack knows there are aspects of his game that need improvement.


His biggest goal is to work on his mental abilities – reading defenses, recognizing coverages, and becoming a stronger leader.


It’s no surprise that, already, many universities are seeking Jack’s attention. He’s always on the road travelling to different schools, meeting coaches, and showing off his abilities.


“It’s been a lot of fun and super busy,” Jack says.


Currently, he holds nine offers: Florida State, UNC, Ohio State, Texas A&M, Ole Miss, Arizona, Arizona State, Louisiana Tech, and Memphis.


With three years left of high school, there’s plenty of time until he needs to make a decision. But, Jack already knows what he wants in the team he will commit to.


“I’m looking for a school that will produce me into a great man and into a great football player,” he says.


Whether that school is one already on the list or one that has yet to offer is unknown, but it’s clear that whichever program lands him will be extremely fortunate.


As a rising sophomore, Jack has already broken national records, received offers from top programs in the nation, and earned a coveted ranking. With all of this success, many wonder how he remains humble; it’s largely due to a piece of advice that he took to heart.


“The best advice I’ve received is to not get too big of a head and to stay humble and keep my focus on my team and winning a state championship,” he says, before adding, “And to love Jesus Christ.”


By the time 2020 comes around and it’s time for Jack to move onto college, he hopes to have set more national records, positively impacted those around him, and won multiple state championships.


If anyone can accomplish that, it’s Jack Miller.



Jack’s Advice: No matter what anyone says or who says it never stop believing in yourself because only you can decide what you are going to be.