In Alabama, Hunter Brannon is football royalty.


Three of his uncles – Wesley, Taylor, and Justin – are called the “Britt Boys”. As offensive lineman, they made a large impact at Bryant-Denny Stadium during fall Saturdays.


Hunter spent his childhood watching, and looking up to, these three athletic role models. He witnessed their success – Wesley has his hand and footprint implanted at Denny Chimes – and, in the third grade, decided to start his own football legacy.


At Cullman High School, Hunter was a four year varsity player. Overtime, he developed into the aggressive athlete he is today. His tough mentality drives him to dominate the game both physically and mentally.


“If you can get in their head, you have a better chance to dominate them physically as well and then inevitably win the war in the trenches,” he says.


While he channels his disruptive side on the field, his off the field nature is different. Hunter was raised with a southern gentleman mentality and has a soft spot for animals. Along with his parents and 3 sisters, he raises whitetail deer.


Over the years, he helped lead his team to many victories but one moment stands out among others.


In a game senior year, he got the game-winning pancake block on a screen play. That block moved his team to the 5-yard line and on the next play they found the end zone to win the game by a touchdown.


When Hunter looks back on his high school football career, the chemistry he shared with his teammates is what left a lasting impression. Everyone spent time together off the field and outside of the classroom and formed strong friendships. These are bonds he hopes will remain strong for years to come.


Every summer, Hunter travelled to countless places to compete at camps across the nation in hopes of catching the attention of college coaches.


The trips paid off: he picked up many offers from top programs. One camp earned him the offer he’d dreamt of since childhood.


After an impressive workout in Tuscaloosa, Hunter received word that Nick Saban requested a meeting with him.


When he walked into Coach Saban’s office, he took a seat on the couch and waited. It wasn’t a long wait, but in the moment it felt like eternity.


Finally, the best coach in college football and 5-time national champion took a seat across the table. He began praising Hunter’s performance and noted the legacy left by his family.


Hunter hung on every word waiting for the moment which followed.


In his office, Coach Saban offered a scholarship on behalf of the University of Alabama.


“Okay, I’m committing.” Hunter said promptly.


Ever since he was 7 years old, he’s dreamed of playing for Bama and experiencing Tuscaloosa on game days.


“It was a huge goal of mine and I’m so glad I accomplished it,” he says.


Hunter has already moved into his dorm and continues to adjust to college life. Every day, he gets more excited to finally take the field at Bryant-Denny Stadium. His number one goal is to have his name, handprint, and cleat print at Denny Chimes…just like his uncle.


For over a decade, Hunter Brannon has dreamed of creating his own football legacy at the University of Alabama.


This fall, the journey to make the dream a reality begins.



Hunter’s Advice: My advice would be listen to the older people because they have went through what you’re going through. And also listen and follow your life according to Jesus.