Drake DeIuliis is one of the most socially and athletically well-rounded teenage guys you will ever know. He is friendly to everyone who meets him. He is one of the most charismatic guys in his entire school. He is dependable to friends and teammates in whatever situation they find themselves in. He is passionate about athletics, which drives him to better himself in every way. Even with everything I have named, one of the most special characteristics about Drake is his love for talking.


Drake’s friendly manner and great communication skills have not only helped him in school, getting to know more people than the average student, but have also translated to success in athletics. He gets to know everyone in the locker room.


These bonds off the field help with chemistry on the field. He clicks better with everyone, whether with his quarterback or the defense he goes up against every practice; his friendliness has helped the overall communication of the team.


This great communication and strong bond is something Drake feels is extremely special to their team this season. They spend time together outside of practice, and have formed strong bonds with each other. These are friendships he will always remember and memories he will carry with him forever.


Drake may be extremely friendly, but during the three hours he spends on the field each Friday night, the friend fades away and the competitor takes over. Unless studied and well covered, he will obliterate your entire defense. But sometimes, even all the preparation teams put in to face Drake is not enough to stop him.


Drake finished his high school career with 71 receptions for 1,140 yards and 161 carries for 856 yards. His best memory was during his sophomore year when the team fought hard and came back to beat East Forsyth in the playoffs. A couple key skills he possesses that have helped his success are his quick learning and adaptability on the field.


The summer before junior year, he received his first offer from Boston College. Following this, many other programs expressed interest and presented offers to him including local powerhouses Duke, UNC, and South Carolina.


Nearly one year after his recruitment took off, on April 22, 2016, Drake announced the school he would call home for the next four years – Virginia Tech.


“It was the best fit for me and felt like a place my family could call my home away from home,” says Drake.


Despite receiving an offer from the Missouri Tigers in May, he remains firm in his decision to play for the Hokies.


When he arrives in Blacksburg next year, there are many things Drake hopes to accomplish. His focus is to have success both on the field with the team, and off the field in the classroom.


Balancing athletics and academics is a challenge he has tackled for many years, and while some might groan at the lack of free time they have because of their sport, Drake remains positive and remembers this opportunity is a privilege granted to him, and he intends to make the best of it.


During his time at Virginia Tech, Drake hopes to become a better leader and role model. All through high school, young players looked up to him as the friendly football player with multiple D1 offers. They watched his every move, wanting to be just as successful as him. All eyes were on him. Knowing college football puts him on a bigger platform, he hopes to find ways to become the best role model possible for younger athletes.


Something you might not know about Drake is that he is not a one-sport athlete. In addition to dominating the football field, he also dominates on the court. During the winter season, you can find Drake playing for the Panthers basketball team.


“I just love the change from football to basketball and how great it feels not to wear pads,” says Drake. “I hope we win a bunch of games and have a very successful season.”


Drake is one of those guys you cannot help but like. Not only does he help lead your team to victory, but he is also there to make you laugh on a rough day, or be the loyal friend everyone needs in their life. He has managed to find success in all aspects of life, but still remain humble and kind.


Drake DeIuliis is one of the most well-rounded, and well-mannered recruits in the entire 2017 class. Not only is Virginia Tech gaining a talented football player, the school is also gaining a great young man.



Drake’s Advice: Just to work as hard as you can and take advantage of any opportunity given to you.