Colby Parkinson is one of the more laid back tight ends in high school football. A California native, he chooses to live an easygoing lifestyle. During the rare moments he is not practicing, working out, or studying film, you can find him playing guitar or at the beach with friends.


The game of football became part of Colby’s life over a decade ago, when he was six years old. Since then, his enjoyment in the game has grown into a fueled passion.


Countless hours have been dedicated towards working to better himself, always wanting to have an edge over any competitor he will face.


All of the hard work has paid off. Nearing the end of his senior season, Colby has totaled 1,233 all purpose yards in just three years on the varsity team. He averages over 15 yards on each reception.


These impressive stats have earned him the coveted spot of number one tight end in the country. Many people took notice of his abilities, including scouts from The Opening. Last summer, he traveled to Nike’s headquarters in Oregon to compete at the Opening where he played among the top recruits in the country and put his abilities to the test.


In September, he announced that he will compete in the Army All American game. This game, hosted in January, has become the acme of high school bowl games. Colby will be part of the West team and play with some of the best players in the country including running back Najee Harris and quarterbacks Tate Martell and Dylan McCaffrey.


Last season, Colby helped lead his school, Oaks Christian, to an undefeated record. Following their very successful season, schools recognized the crucial role he played in helping the team win games, and in the end, finish with zero losses. This brought waves of attention, calls from coaches, and offers to the junior tight end.


One aspect that coaches appreciated when it comes to Colby’s game is that he is not restricted by limited talents, and is not considered either a blocking tight end or a receiving tight end, but instead, excels at both. He is a constant threat, ready to go on every play.


“My ability to do both has helped me immensely in recruiting,” says Colby.


Throughout the season he received offers from many top programs in the nation including Michigan, Ole Miss, UCLA, Texas A&M, and Alabama. However, on December 18, 2016, the dream offer came in. The next day, Colby announced his commitment to Stanford University.


One of the most appealing aspects of Stanford is the proximity to home, meaning his family and friends will not have to travel far to support him at games. Stanford also has competitive and rigorous academics, giving Colby a great foundation for his degree. Lastly, he clicked with the coaching staff and players, including the quarterback commit in his class, Davis Mills. Stanford finished last season with an extremely successful record and showed their team is on the rise, just another motivator for Colby.


In college, he hopes to sharpen his abilities to not only be a receiving threat, but also a solid blocker for his quarterback by gaining weight and working on his overall game. Colby hopes with help from coaches at Stanford, he will be named an All American.


Looking at a team perspective, the goal is clear – to win many Rose Bowl’s. Stanford pounded the Iowa Hawkeyes to a 45-16 win last year. Colby hopes to continue the tradition of Rose Bowl success in Stanford’s program.


Throughout his entire life, Colby has had many mentors on the field. But, the most impactful mentors he has had in life are his father, Mike, and brother, Garrett. They always motive him to work harder to become the best football player, but when he steps off the field, they are there to guide him to become an incredible young man.


“Both of them are always there to support me and form me into the athlete and person I currently am,” says Colby.


The efforts put forth to make Colby into a courteous young man have worked. He is one of the kindest young men you will ever come across, with great integrity. One of the more rare, but undoubtedly most important qualities he possesses is his strong faith in God.


Throughout life, the good and bad, he tries to live life by the saying, ‘let go and let God’. Colby recognizes that in the grand scheme of everything, God has the ultimate perfect plan. He will be Colby’s biggest fan and guide him towards the place He wants him to end up in.


Keeping this in mind, Colby is extremely excited to see where God will lead him in his journey through life. The next step in the plan is Stanford, where he will have the opportunity to glorify God while playing the game he loves.



Colby’s Advice: Never take yourself too seriously and always have fun with what you’re doing and then the outcome will take care of itself.