Why so serious? This is the question Chase Monroe often asks himself and others. Some football players go through life with stern faces and aggressive attitudes, but this is not the attitude Chase takes. Instead, he prefers to enjoy the journey and have fun in everything, both on and off the field. 


You could say Chase was born with football in his blood. His father played college football and passed on his passion for the game to his son. Football has always been a part of life, and he loved it from the very start. On the day he pulled a jersey over his head and tied his cleats at eight years old, there was no going back. 


Chase plays for a small private school in Davidson, North Carolina. Most high school teams boast around one hundred players on their varsity roster, but Davidson Day averages only 28 players per year. Some might see this as a drawback, but coaches and players on the team think the exact opposite. 


Do not be confused. Their team is small in numbers, but filled with an abundance of talent. Each season, around six to ten of their seniors sign to play at the next level. One of the most famous Patriot alums is former Florida and current West Virginia quarterback Will Grier. 


The smaller team size gives the players a better chance to get to know each other. Before long, every player is part of a brotherhood. Their bond shows not only in the locker room, but on the field as well. 


The players support and motivate one another through good times and bad, whether it be a defensive sack for a loss or an offensive dropped first down catch. When that player comes to the sidelines, he is welcomed by his brothers. They are not just a team, they are a close knit family.


Last season, Davidson Day battled through twelve weeks of difficult games, all the way to an undefeated record. 


During the high stake state championship game against Charlotte Latin, Chase added fire to the team’s spirit when he intercepted the ball. Everyone in the stands went crazy, one play closer to a title.


The team delivered. As the clock ticked down, Davidson Day pulled out the victory 31-13 and celebrations erupted on the field. 


“We set out to be 12-0 and that’s exactly what he did,” Chase says, remembering the cold November night forever implanted in his mind. 


This year, Chase wants to finish his high school football career with a second ring. He is ready to devote himself and sacrifice it all to help his team with another state championship. 


The recruitment process is never easy. Months are filled with multiple trips to schools, conversations with coaches, and giving it all during camps in hopes of earning an offer. During Chase’s freshman and sophomore year, this pattern became his life in attempt to market himself enough to receive his first offer. Chase still remembers the extreme stress he felt during this time.


At the end of sophomore year, he received his first offer from Wake Forest after attending a camp. “It was a huge weight off my shoulders,” Chase recalls. But he wasn’t ready to lock down just yet. He did not want to jump at the first school, but instead wait and make sure he was committing to the best school for his future. 


After a very successful junior season when he recorded 129 total tackles, two interceptions, and one fumble recovery, twelve more schools decided they wanted this talented young star on their roster.


In the end, Chase committed to the first school to offer him, Wake Forest. He needed a school with a good fit, and when it comes to Wake, everything is right. He wants everyone to know he is 100% committed and cannot wait to be a Deacon. 


 “I love the coaches there, I fit in really well as their Mike linebacker, it’s close to home, and Wake Forest is on the rise!” says Chase. 


Throughout high school, Chase has been very successful. One main reason for this is the work he puts in to become a better individual player which attributes to his ability to help his team’s defense. 


Ever since the summer before sophomore year, Chase and his team have trained with Antico Dalton, one of the top speed and agility trainers in the country. When he’s not training the Patriots team, you can find him working with college and professional athletes. Chase credits all of his offseason success to him, and says he helped him improve on pass defense and multi directional drills. 


God has blessed Chase with amazing athletic abilities, and his gift back to God is what he does with these abilities. Over the years, he has put in hundreds of hours to become one of the top linebackers in the country. At 6 foot 1 and 225 pounds, he has size but is still versatile in speed and can change direction on a dime and make plays in space. 


“I think I’m the most complete inside linebacker you’ll find in the 2017 class,” Chase says confidently. 


Someone who has helped him develop his talents even more on the field is his linebacker coach, who just so happens to be his father. His dad has spent many early mornings and late nights with Chase, helping him develop into the extremely talented player he is today. More importantly, however, he has been Chase’s greatest role model and showed him what it means to be a man.


“He’s everything I want to be as a person and a player,” says Chase. 


He may be one of the most talented linebackers, but Chase knows there is still room for improvement. Over the next few years, he will work to improve on the fundamentals of the game, whether it be his reads, hand placement, or footwork. When the fundamentals become second nature, everything will come easier. 


Chase has high goals, but with his unmatched work ethic, extreme focus, and determination to succeed, he is on his way to achieving them. On the college level, he wants to make an immediate impact as a freshman. The main goal is to win games, and he is willing to do whatever they ask of him in order to help. Also while in college, he wants to win four bowl games. Looking at the bigger picture, Chase’s number one goal is to be a first round draft pick, and he will not let anything stand in the way of his quest to achieve his lifelong dream. 


Wake Forest is getting one of the most well-rounded athletes you will find on the field. He is focused, confident, and passionate about the game he dedicates his life to. Chase knows there is always someone out there more talented, and he is ready to out work them. Wake, you are getting the definition of a competitor. 



Chase’s Advice: For young players I would just say to have fun with the game. The higher you go up the more of a business so enjoy every minute of it.