Ask anyone at Charlotte Christian School and they will tell you Beau Snuggs is one of the friendliest guys on campus. He has an enthusiastic, fun-loving personality that brightens everyone’s day. While he may seem fairly quiet in the beginning, once he feels comfortable, his sarcastic nature comes out and is guaranteed to have you laughing. Beau’s relaxed personality and ability to make others smile are just a few reasons why people love being around him.


The Carolina Panthers can be credited for helping Beau fall in love with football at an early age. As he watched with his family on weekends, he imagined himself in the player’s shoes and wondered what it would it is like to be out there, representing a team you love, and competing with your best friends.


Beau’s dream came true as a sophomore when he moved up to the varsity team at Charlotte Christian. One of his favorite aspects of the program is the incredible coaching staff. Throughout the season, they work hard at figuring out each player’s strengths and weaknesses in order to put them in a position that best fits their abilities. In addition, they design game plans that put the team into a position to be successful and win.


Many times this season, the team faced opponents that were better on paper and outside skeptics expected defeat. Even though the Knights were not always the most talented team, they were always the best coached. This helped them go undefeated for eight weeks.


Off the field, the players love to hang out with one another, helping them build strong bonds that increase the chemistry when they step on the field.


“It is more of a family feeling than a team feeling in the locker room,” says Beau.


Two coaches, defensive coordinator Mike Rose and defensive back coach Mark Hogan have made a huge impact on Beau’s life. Both coaches generously give their time to the team by studying film and creating game plans. Not only do they help the team on the field, they also make it a priority to help the players as individuals.


Coach Rose and Coach Hogan have taught Beau how to play football the right way, how to be a better leader, and most importantly, how to be a good person. They remind him of the importance of integrity and responsibility. These two coaches have played a huge part in making Beau a better player and a better man.


When the season came to a close, Beau’s impressive stats showed why he was one of the biggest threats on defense. He consistently changed the momentum of games.


In the 2016 season, he totaled 109 tackles. Over the course of three years on varsity, he picked the ball off eighteen times, with 10 interceptions in his senior season alone. Beau broke two schools records for interceptions in a season and in a career.


Beau’s sophomore season ended the best way possible: a state championship title. The Knights defeated rival, Charlotte Latin, in a close overtime win.


Again, the team made it to the state championship this season and played Charlotte Latin. The defense fought hard to keep Latin’s offense contained. With a victory and second state title less than two quarters away, Beau’s season came to an unexpected end.


The team franticly looked at their teammate, who put on a tough face through the agonizing pain and briefly took a coaching role as he motivated the team to secure a victory. However, he was forced to watch as his team fell to Charlotte Latin, 28-27.


“I was mainly upset because I could not finish the game with my teammates and help them try to win the state championship,” says Beau.


Even in a time of extreme pain, Beau still put the team first. Before he worried about his recovery, he worried about his teammates.


After the game, an MRI revealed a torn ACL. As soon as he heard the news, he wondered how the injury would affect his future. Would new schools continue to recruit him or stop all together?


A few of Beau’s teammates battled ACL injuries in high school and after witnessing them struggle through the long, grueling process of rehabilitation, he dreaded having to experience it for himself.


With no control over the injury and a long uphill battle ahead, Beau turned to God. He reminded himself that God has a perfect plan and does everything for a reason. Remembering God’s unconditional faithfulness helped him accept the reality of the injury.


Beau turned one of the most drastically unfortunate events in his life so far into an opportunity to strengthen his faith.


“This experience made me trust more in God’s plan and to understand that we have to keep working towards our goals even when we are faced with obstacles,” he says.


The recruitment process started before Beau’s injury, around the end of his junior year. He started attracting attention from larger schools mid-way through his senior season. A huge weight was taken off his shoulders when he received his first Division 1 offer from Butler University.


Butler always found itself at the top of Beau’s list of potential schools. He wants a medium sized school that boasts great academics. Throughout the recruiting process, he built strong relationships with the coaches and visualized how he could fit into their system and what type of role he would play on the team. Coming from a high school program that competes for titles every year, Beau wants the same type of competitive atmosphere in college. Butler has shown that by winning conference championships and making the FCS playoffs.


“Butler was the perfect fit for me,” says Beau.


So, without any doubt in mind, Beau announced his highly anticipated commitment to the school that met all of his requirements, the same school he felt drawn to from the beginning. On January 14, 2017, he announced that he will spend the next four years at Butler University.


Beau already possesses a very strong football IQ and has a natural ability in reacting to the offense. During games, while every player has their eye on the ball, waiting on the snap, Beau looks around.


In the few seconds before the ball is snapped, he makes all of the necessary checks and assures every player is in the right position. It leaves less time to read the offense, but his instincts help him keep up with the defender and make plays on the ball.


When Beau arrives in Indianapolis, he wants to improve on his overall athletic abilities and master the fundamentals. He hopes to strengthen his existing skills in order to become an even larger threat on the field.


As he continues to recover from his injury, one priority for Beau is returning to the field. He is determined to come back better than before, and nothing will stand in his way. Beau Snuggs is ready to continue breaking records, this time, at Butler.



Beau’s Advice: I would say to never let anyone tell them they can’t do something they love and to never take their high school football years for granted – enjoy every minute. There is nothing like playing high school football and you won’t know how much you will miss it until it’s over.