Adam Bay is one of the friendliest, most personable teenagers you will ever meet. His naturally welcoming personality draws others in, and his kind nature makes his company enjoyable. He is incredibly helpful and takes every opportunity that arises to assist in easing the burden someone else carries. While he is extremely cordial in school, when it comes to athletics, Adam prefers to keep his head down and work in silence.


In high school, Adam never felt like the guys he played with on Friday nights were his teammates. Instead, he saw them as his brothers. There was no hierarchy. Everyone cared about the well being of the man next to him, both on and off the field.


“We were a brotherhood unlike most others,” he says.


Adam played his final game in Orlando, Florida, at the Under Armour All American Game. In the end, his high school career ended with another victory as Team Armour defeated Team Highlight, 24-21.


Anyone will tell you that long snappers are arguably the most underrated position on the roster. People often forget that one bad snap can cost an entire game. Being overlooked may bother some players, but not Adam. In the beginning, classmates failed to understand his role on the team and made fun of the position. Before long, however, they realized his immense potential. That is when he started gaining respect.


To Adam, the less fans know, the better. He does not mind if people in the stands are unaware of who he is because that means he is doing his job right.


“I have no problem being at the bottom of the totem pole regarding popularity on the team,” says Adam.


Because their position is not the star of the show, long snappers experience a more mellow recruitment process. Everything was rather quiet for Adam until the University of Memphis offered. Then, the attention blew up.


“It was a rollercoaster,” he says, remembering the rather hectic few months of deliberation and uncertainty.


On October 29, 2016, Adam took an official visit to the University of Wisconsin. He committed the very next day.


Was did Wisconsin have that struck him as so spectacular, he felt no need to wait another day? To Adam, Wisconsin feels like home. Every summer since the eighth grade, Adam made his way up north for Kohls Kicking Camp. It was during the many visits that he fell in love with the beautiful state. As soon as Wisconsin offered, Adam knew he was being called home.


He will have the privilege of attending a top-ten ranked public school for academics where he will pursue a degree in engineering. Not only that, he will also play for a traditional football program that consistently ranks among the best.


In just a few short months, Adam will pack his bags and board a plane headed to his new home. With him, he brings many goals: make the All-American team, the All-B1G Team, and of course, have no bad snaps.


One of his biggest personal goals is to become a better man. Surrounded by one of the top football staffs in the country, supportive teammates, and professors who want him to succeed, Adam is set to make that goal a reality.


For Adam Bay, there really is nowhere but up.



Adam’s Advice: Keep working, work in silence and let your work speak for you.