Beyond the Hash Marks

You cheer them on as they lead your favorite football team to a win, or you highly anticipate their arrival to college so they can help lead your team to the national championship (because at the end of the day, that’s what we all want, right?). Whether they’re a major key to your team, the freshman still earning a spot on the roster, or the highly talked about recruit, odds are you can tell your closest friends their name and rattle off some of their top stats. Clearly, you know them pretty well on the field. But who are they off the field? Not many people can say they will play college football, so how did they get to this point in their lives?

Hello. My name is Sara and I am a high school student from North Carolina. Over the past few years, I have found a growing passion for football. It started with the NFL, and then expanded to college football, and finally high school football. I spent weekends in my living room with my eyes glued to the television, never wanting to miss a possibly game-changing play. The more engrossed I became with the sport, the more my curiosity began to wander. The players I watched every weekend were not just a bunch of guys in pads and helmets, they were real people with real stories, and I wanted to learn more.

This is my website, where I go beyond the hash marks to learn about the players on your favorite team and help you get to know them a little more personally. Search for your favorite player, and check out his spotlight article. Odds are, you’ll learn something new. And while you’re at it, take some time to read about other players – every one has a fascinating and unique life story.


*Note: None of the pictures used in the articles belong to me. Each player sends in pictures of their own choice.